Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our Dear Little Saint In Heaven

Fourteen years-ago our sweet daughter Rebekah was born. I like to think that, although we are all precious do God, she was so much so that He couldn't wait to have her back with Him in heaven so two days later He called her back with Him to spend eternity praising Him and worshiping Him in heaven. She suffered bravely but briefly and, I like to think, that she offered her suffering for her family.
Each day we pray to her for help for her family and anyone else who may need her help. When she died I dedicated her other siblings to her care. We have had many incidences of her help since. Several times her oldest brother has told us of his sure sense that his sister has been by his side when he has needed her help. Many times I have felt her help and intervention in times of illness and indecision.
Thanks be to God for this assistance that we are so undeserving of. What a grace and gift to be given.

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