Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Silly Dog

Our dog has discovered the neighbors horses. I think she thinks she is a racing dog. Two of the horses are ex-race horses. She likes to go up to their pasture and race around the pasture and bark at the horses. They usually pay no attention to her. It's great exercise for her though. I think she is bored since my son Adam left home, she's his dog.

When she sees me with the camera she likes to pose for me and get her picture taken.
She's very proud of herself. She thinks that she is winning some kind of race and the horses aren't even trying. They are pretty much ignoring her. But she is determined to race. She's a good dog.
We have good neighbors too. They don't mind Lupus in the pasture with their horses.
They even let her come over and have a sleep over with their dog Laddie. They have some good times together. Laddie is our step-doggie.

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