Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taking a Drive

Why do the geese cross the road? To get the Durango to stop and take their picture. Tuesday evening we went for a drive. We ended up in Deansboro where Jason used to work. On the way there we encountered some interesting sights.
Doug wondered why we were taking such a round about route to get there. As you can see we wouldn't have seen such sights as these if we had gone directly there.As you can see from these pictures everyone enjoyed the ride too. What a good time to take a drive with the family and laugh and joke and enjoy the scenery while you are getting there.Of course Matthew has to be his usuall silly self while he is getting his picture taken, but that is all part of the fun.

Doug was even alert enough to drive the Durango.
While on the way we saw this dragon in the clouds. It is fun to be able to spot things in the clouds. Sometimes it requires more imagination than at other times. But everyone agreed that this cloud did indeed look like a dragon.
We thought this last goose picture was interesting because the light looks like a halo around the goose. Oh well, so much for fanciful thinking.

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