Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Help of a Friend

Today was a lovely day. It doesn't have to be sunny for it to be a lovely day. After taking my daugher and youngest son to lunch and dropping them off to spend the afternoon with friends, I went to visit my friend Joann. She very kindly showed me how to make my blog look as fancy as hers. We shared time with each other and she let me spend time with her lovely children, a pleasure that I miss a great deal. God is truly good to send such good people into our lives to share themselves with us in such a way.
Then when I picked up my children I spent a pleasant 45 minutes visiting with their friends' mother and enjoying her little children. Two truly generous mothers to share their little people with a mom who no longer has any "littles" of her own.
Now this evening my family relaxes with pizza and a movie and enjoying each other.
Thanks be to God for all that you have given to us.

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